How to lose Friends and Alienate people
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Strengthening Institutions to Improve Public Expenditure Accountability
Nothing like the holidays
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How to lose Friends and Alienate people
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How to lose Friends and Alienate people
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GDN project ouput 2014

Video, winners of video competition

  1. Education: "Student's work-sheets project: Unfinished business" > download
  2. Health: "Public Health Center: For whom?" > download
  3. Water: "Water doesn't flow too far" > download

Policy briefs

  1. Education: "Higher education for the poor? It's possible. > download
  2. Health: "Is community clinic the way forward? > download
  3. Water: "On the optimum scale of public water supply" > download

Updated PBA-BIA data

  1. Program Budgeting Analysis > download
  2. Benefit Incidence Analysis > download

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